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Entertain-in-style-this-summer-by-upgrading-your-brick-hardscaping-Renaissance-Development-DCIf you own a historic brick home, expanding your living space into the outdoors can add charm and curb appeal to your property. More importantly, it can provide a personal oasis and a wonderful gathering place for friends and family. Long-lasting and cost-efficient, the addition of brick patios, firepits and walkways can offer a classic look that works with the existing aesthetic of your historic brick home.

An Outdoor Three-Season Room for Your Historic Brick Home

Brick patios, firepits and walkways provide more than a summer social spot. The warmth of a firepit allows you to extend outdoor activities to spring and fall. This extra outdoor space is an extension of your home, allowing you to entertain guests year-round. The extra space also provides unique opportunities to change up your décor to match the seasons, bringing additional character to your patio while incorporating your unique style into the space. Patios don’t need to be huge to have a significant impact. Cozy, intimate spaces such as urban gardens can be as welcoming as their larger counterparts, making brick patios and walkways suitable for yards of almost any size.

Professional Brick Patio Installation for Safety and Longevity

Brick is well-suited for patios, walkways and firepits as it can withstand heavy foot traffic and fluctuating temperatures, which is essential in an area like D.C. Working with a historic home specialist ensures your patio, walkways and firepits will work with your home’s architectural style and not against it. It is not always easy to source and install well-matched bricks. Key factors include ensuring a properly set base beneath the brick, the correct slope to ensure water drains away from your home and the proper permits to ensure your historic brick home remains within the requirements of numerous local bylaws. Proper installation and maintenance will ensure your brick hardscaping lasts for decades.

Is Your Current Outdoor Brickwork Safe?

Brick is a naturally durable building material that doesn’t require regular staining or sealing, making it a more attractive option compared to concrete and wood. In addition to being one of the lower-cost options, the type of maintenance it requires means you’ll also spend less in the long run.

Most often, bricks only require a good sweeping to keep them looking their best. Although bricks can withstand a great deal of hard use, they are not immune to damage. Patios and walkways need regular inspections to ensure the joints remain tight and the bricks are not cracked, loose or dislodged. If water can get beneath the patio or walkway, it can erode the base, worsening problems and leading to uneven surfaces that present tripping hazards. Additionally, uneven walkways and patios makes the hardscaping appear as if it were neglected. This can damage the value of your home’s curb appeal.

Firepits should be free of cracks and have intact joints. Bricks with cracks can allow excess moisture in, and the bricks can deteriorate much faster than their expected life span.

Whether you are looking for a new installation or require a repair for your brick patio, walkway or firepit, working with a historic brick expert can help integrate this hardscaping into valuable outdoor living space. Are you ready for summer entertaining? Contact Renaissance Development for a complimentary consultation.

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Post by Christina Wilson
Apr 11, 2024 8:30:00 AM