Patio and Walkway Materials for Your Historic DC Home

Sep 24, 2020 1:38:34 PM Christina Wilson

A well-designed and constructed patio or walkway can provide an outdoor oasis of serenity in even the most bustling urban environment. Add a unique identity and appearance to your home, and increase the value of your property. Renaissance Development can help you design and build the best patio and walkway to accent your historic DC property.

Historic rowhomes in Washington, DC, are known for their often tiny but enchanting front-gardens and walkways. There may or may not be a private area for relaxing and entertaining at the rear of the home, too. Hence, a small bistro table and chairs, colorful flower pots, or other personal touches send a welcoming message to guests and passers-by on even the smallest parcel. 

As you begin to plan a new patio and walkway design, the hardscaping materials you choose are significant. An urban garden or walkway in a historic neighborhood should harmonize with the home’s period and the area’s overall aesthetic. This can be accomplished by reusing older masonry similar to the home’s exterior or using new materials that complement the look and feel.


Bricks and brick pavers are the most common patio and walkway materials in the District. They are incredibly durable, resistant to severe weather, easily cleaned, and can last for decades while maintaining an attractive appearance. The refined and classic look of a brick patio or walkway is popular in Capitol Hill and other historic neighborhoods, especially with the many period homes that feature brick exteriors. 

Matching brick to your home’s historic brick is relatively easy, with many styles and colors available. Many homeowners like to combine brick with stone for a custom look. A team member from Renaissance Development LLC can help you select the right materials for your urban garden and walkway project. 


Stone patios and walkways possess rich textures and color variations that can truly transform a space into a unique area for relaxation or entertaining. Stone is also extremely durable, easily cleaned, and will stand the test of time and use. Many historic homes feature slate or flagstone patios and walkways that make unique and beautiful statements.

Stone typically requires custom-fitting for your project, as it must be cut and shaped to form the patio and walkway design you choose. This requirement means that a stone project may be more expensive. An expert team member from Renaissance Development LLC can help you locate the perfect stone to enhance your home’s façade or other outdoor hardscapes.


Concrete is yet another option homeowners may choose for patios and walkways. It's a very durable material that can take nearly any shape, including ornamentation. It requires little maintenance, is easily cleaned, and can often be a less expensive option than brick or stone. While concrete may seem too “plain vanilla” when compared with brick or stone, it can be tinted and stamped in a wide variety of ways to take on the look of a more expensive material. 

Professional installation is critical to ensure sufficient thickness and internal support to prevent cracking. Harsh winter weather with frequent freeze and thaw cycles can be tough on concrete, and the use of salt or chemical de-icers can lead to surface damage over time. Consult a professional about concrete as an option, and learn more about the best way to care for it in all seasons. 


The experts at Renaissance Development LLC can help you choose wisely and invest in the right products for your historic home, as well as provide a quality installation. We can also help you plan your project to avoid problems, such as tree root invasion. Contact us today for more information or schedule an appointment to discuss patios and walkways for your historic DC area home. 

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