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Having a gorgeous outdoor space significantly boosts your home's curb appeal. You can create a functional landscape design with numerous benefits for your property by blending hardscaping and landscaping. It can be a cost-effective solution if you don’t have the time or money to perform constant upkeep. Hardscape elements can also enhance the natural beauty of your flowers, trees, and shrubs.

Here are the best four ways hardscaping complements a landscape design.

Increases Property Value

Hardscaping can increase the overall value of your property. With an outdoor landscape design extension, it gives your property more functioning square footage for a variety of purposes. Hardscaping provides depth to your landscape design to make the outdoor area more visually appealing and make your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. When you’re ready to sell, potential buyers will be able to better envision the outdoor space for recreation and entertaining. Plus, hardscape features such as fences and courtyard walls add privacy from nosy neighbors.

Prevents Landscaping Problems

Hardscaping can help prevent common landscaping issues many property owners face. For example, adding hardscaping elements like stone stairs and retaining walls can alleviate erosion. By curbing erosion, plants have a firm foundation for steady growth. Hardscaping helps rainwater to wash away debris, keeping your outdoor area looking fantastic with minimal effort. It can also smooth bumps in your lawn and even out steep sloping to help you better maintain your outdoor space.

Decreases Landscaping Maintenance Time

There may be areas of your property that are difficult to work with when designing your landscape. For example, one area may receive sun the entire day while another doesn't get enough to grow vegetation well. Hardscaping resolves these issues while still giving you a beautiful outdoor space.

Hardscaping makes it easier to maintain your landscape design with less work. Decks and patios reduce time spent mowing grass, which gives you more time to enjoy your landscape design. You’ll spend less time seeding grass, spraying weeds, and keeping your lawn watered. It also protects against landscaping problems created by weather conditions and are expensive to fix.

Reduces Water Waste

Hardscaping reduces the water usage needed to maintain your outdoor space, which can be ideal for property owners who live in areas prone to drought. Grass can be replaced with concrete, gravel, pavers, or decomposed granite to conserve water usage. It can take numerous gallons of water to care for plants, trees, and shrubs. If you live in an area where you're required to conserve water frequently, hardscaping can be an effective alternative solution.

The Permanent Ideal Landscape Design Solution

Hardscaping is a permanent solution to complement your home's landscape design. It can help save you time and money with installation and upkeep and boost your property value. If you’re ready to use hardscaping to complement your landscape design, we at Renaissance Development can help you choose the ideal elements. 

Renaissance Development, a firm of masonry contractors in DC, builds and restores patios using traditional materials – brick, stone, or concrete – that complement the 18th, 19th, and early 20th century residences in the District’s oldest neighborhoods. Contact us for a free site visit and project quote.

Post by Christina Wilson
May 29, 2020 1:56:42 PM