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Renovating your historic brick home can be a thrilling yet daunting experience, as the charm and character of these homes often come along with hidden challenges. It’s essential to employ smart strategies when considering renovations and repairs, and to approach each project with a well-thought-out plan.

When embarking on a major renovation or repair, planning is key in order to ensure that the necessary priorities are assigned to each task and that there is an adequate budget in place for the intended work. With the guidance of a historic brick expert, you’ll be able to make informed decisions to stretch your renovation dollars as far as possible.

What to Look For When Buying or Renovating

When assessing an old historic home, pay close attention to the foundation and structural integrity of the house by closely examining the brick. Issues like cracked and missing mortar, crumbling brick, bowed walls and signs of water damage can indicate significant problems. Hiring a professional brick expert who is experienced with historic homes can provide an in-depth analysis of necessary repairs and help you avoid falling into a “money pit.”

While it's tempting to focus on the aesthetics, it's essential to address structural or mechanical issues first. This ensures the safety and viability of your house and can help prevent more significant problems down the line.

Making Progress in Phases Can Help Your Budget

Prioritization is the key when tackling the renovation potential of a historic brick home. Begin by distinguishing between necessary fixes and aesthetic changes. Once you know what’s needed, those items can be prioritized. By tackling the project in phases, you’ll ensure critical items are addressed first, time is utilized efficiently, and your dollars are spent wisely. After all, there’s no point in installing a new kitchen if a leaking roof is going to destroy the new cabinets. However, that doesn’t mean some projects can’t be done concurrently to minimize the length of time spent on repairs and renovations. A historic brick expert can help you sort out what your house needs as well as what you want to do aesthetically to beautify your home - and then develop a practical timeline that will enable you to achieve more.

Remember to Budget for Unexpected "Surprises"

Being realistic and flexible when setting a budget for historic brick home renovations is vital. Historic homes are full of surprises and often have unexpected expenses. Setting aside a contingency fund for unforeseen costs can prevent financial strain as your renovation progresses. A professional historic home expert can help you understand common expenses that pop up and identify areas that could be a cause of concern and might need more attention (and dollars) than you might think. 

The historic brick expert can also help you create a realistic budget. Buyers and homeowners frequently underestimate the cost of materials and labor in the D.C. area. However, by working with a professional, your project will be more clearly defined, enabling the creation of an adequate, accurate budget. 

Why Work with a Historic Brick Expert?

One of the most beneficial steps you can take is to consult with a professional historic brick expert who has a deep understanding of the traditional materials and techniques used in historic brick homes. They can develop a plan that aligns with your renovation goals and your home’s needs. Their expertise doesn’t stop at functional repairs—they can also advise you on preserving the historic integrity of your home while making necessary updates, a balance that is important since your home’s historic charm makes up a significant part of its value.

Renaissance Development can help you address repairs or renovations to your brick home's original features and how to maintain, restore, or replace them with historically accurate reproductions. From brick and mortar, chimneys, windows, interior walls, and fireplaces, to outdoor features such as urban gardens, walkwaysporches, and fences, your historic brick expert will help you achieve a beautifully restored home that balances modern functionality with historic charm.

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Post by Christina Wilson
1/25/24 8:30 AM