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Regardless of how much or how little space exists on your front porch, stoop, or front steps, there are various ways to make that space more friendly and inviting for socializing. When it feels safe to do so, do it in style.

Front Steps 

Many urban homes simply do not have a front porch or stoop. When your walkway goes to steps leading to the door or directly to the door itself, there are still ways to make that small space a friendly one:

  • Clean – Power washing the front door, walls, trim, and walkway area is a great first step to making your entrance friendly. Toss out junky display items over time.
  • Front door Painting the door with a fun, contrasting color or switching a plain door out with a windowed or split door can be inviting. Hang a wreath or framed saying on or near the door.
  • House numbers – Placing attractive larger address numbers or letters easily seen makes your home more accessible. 
  • Hardware – Choose door handles, door knockers, and other house hardware that accentuates the look of the door, siding, and period architecture.
  • Lighting – A lighting fixture near the door is a cheerful sign that you’re available to come to the door.  Make it bright enough to be helpful but warm enough for ambiance. Choose lamp styles that work with the rest of your front entrance.
  • Walkway – A well-maintained paver walkway creates an attractive path to your front door.
  • Greenery and decoration – If you have any space on the wall near the door, hang outdoor metal art, a wall sconce, or a flat-backed hanging plant.
  • Awning or small roof covering – Adding a shelter or building a small roof over the front door area can create a defined space for your entrance and add a touch of architecture. Along with adding weather protection for guests at the door, hanging plants become a front door option. 


Homes with a more extended set of steps leading to the front door almost always have a landing known as a stoop. It provides additional opportunities to create a friendly space, including: 

  • Potted plants – Display a cheerful mini potted garden on one or both sides of the door.
  • Sitting area – Even a tiny stoop might have space for a couple of small chairs, a bistro table set, or a bench. A bright cloth with a centerpiece for the table or cozy pillows on the bench adds warmth.
  • Small table – Many unique items can serve as display tables, such as vintage crates, an old-fashioned child’s desk, or a  sewing machine cabinet. Use them to display potted flowers, seasonal decor, or outdoor knickknacks.
  • Mats and rugs – A fresh welcome mat or a smaller area rug creates a lot of warmth.
  • Railing – If there’s room, perhaps add an attractive railing to one or both sides of the stoop. You can further add railing flower boxes.


Regardless of size, a porch provides additional options to create a homey, welcoming social space. Using tips from the previous two categories, add conversational groupings that beg your friends and family to sit and relax. Bring out more items from the inside; light furniture, rugs, wall art, cushions, afghans, side tables, plants, candles, hanging lights, or lamps. 

Safe Spaces

While social distancing remains important, consider inviting just a few folks at a time to spread themselves out across steps, stoop, and front porch to enjoy each others’ company, catch up on socializing, and experience the welcoming ambiance that your home can provide this season.

When making those few adjustments or even significant changes to create a more inviting home exterior, Renaissance Development can help that happen. Get in touch with our professionals today to schedule your consultation.


Post by Christina Wilson
Apr 22, 2021 8:30:00 AM