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Halloween may seem like an odd time to think about your historic brick home’s curb appeal, but doing so may give you some new insight into how your residence appears to others. As the spookiest night of the year rolls around, are the repairs and renovations you’ve put off providing you with a perfect Halloween setting, even though you didn’t decorate? It’s often surprising how quickly those “jobs for another day” add up and leave your house looking unkempt. Thankfully, your house can be restored to its former beauty. Consider consulting with a historic brick expert, who will help you prioritize the necessary repairs to keep a historic home from looking like a haunted house.

Spooky Halloween Entrances Should Not Be a Year-Round Thing

Are your retaining walls, walkways, and front steps in good repair? Damaged, uneven, or crumbling hardscaping can cause concerns for your safety, and that of your guests. With a slew of trick-or-treaters approaching your front door, a nasty trip and fall could ruin everyone’s Halloween night! Check around your hardscaping for loose, crumbling or cracked brick. 

Make sure your retaining walls are free of bulges and the mortar is intact. Retaining walls are structural, and any damage should be repaired as quickly as possible to keep your historic brick home structurally sound. Similarly, your stairs should be level, even, and in good repair. If any mortar is missing, water will infiltrate your brick, quickly ruining your entry’s appearance while compromising safety.

Are Your Windows and Doors Spectacular or Scary?

It’s easy to overlook the condition of your windows and doors, especially if you don’t spend much time walking past your own home. But if you look at your old brick house from the street, what kind of vibe are these features giving passers-by? Think of your house like a face: the windows and doors are the eyes of your home: are they bright and clear or do they look like they need a good night’s sleep? 

Over time, some glass can develop a permanent haze, giving it a dingy and dark appearance. Window sills can peel and rot after decades of exposure to the elements. The same is true for doors, which can appear worn and faded over time. Homeowners often worry about replacing their original windows and doors for fear of having something too modern-looking. With the help of a historic brick home specialist, homeowners can explore a range of historically accurate reproductions that provide the benefits of modern windows while maintaining the time-period-appropriate aesthetic they desire.

Will Trick-or-Treaters Want to Walk Up or Walk By?

Is the overall condition of your brick home robbing it of its full potential? You can have everything else safe and tidy, but if the structure of your house itself is crumbling, it won’t be putting its best foot forward. A historic brick expert will identify missing, loose, or broken bricks and recommend the ideal methods to repair cracked or missing mortar. If your home features old iron railings, front steps, or fencing, your historic home expert can help with ironwork repairs and restoration as well. 

It’s important to hire the right team for renovations to your historic home. Professional craftspeople will repair the brick by tuckpointing utilizing traditional methods. Using the proper materials and techniques is crucial, because the modern brickwork applications are incompatible with historic brick - and can exacerbate existing problems. With historically accurate tuckpointing, your brick home will look stately and inviting for years to come.

Contact Renaissance Development for a comprehensive site evaluation to help you prioritize necessary repairs, or for any other advice regarding your historic brick home. Working with our expert team upon completion of the evaluation, you'll be able to make informed decisions about renovations and repairs, while preserving the historic integrity of your old brick home in DC.

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Post by Christina Wilson
10/26/23 9:00 AM