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We want to welcome you to our website and let you take a quick tour across some of the projects we have completed in historic Washington DC and Old Town Alexandria, VA neighborhoods since we began operating in 2004. While most of our clients are homeowners who are looking for repairs to historic brick homes, we are also proud to have worked on schools, churches and other public buildings, as well as commercial properties.

If your masonry building is in DC, there is a good chance that it is historic - that is, built in the 18th, 19th, or early 20th centuries. We are not just contractors; we are historic preservation specialists and we see each and every home and property in Washington DC's wonderful old neighborhoods, as worth preserving for decades and generations to come.

In addition to tuckpointing and chimney repair, we help property owners make the most of their urban living spaces, enhance curb appeal, and add value to their real investments with our expert work on patios, retaining walls, steps and walkways. Enjoy and then let us know what kinds of issues you are facing with your old building. Contact us for a free site visit and project quote.


Post by Christina Wilson
Mar 12, 2014 1:00:00 PM