Seasonal Décor for Historic Entryways

Dec 10, 2020 8:45:00 AM Christina Wilson

Historic Washington DC area homes have a unique beauty in any season, but many homeowners choose to add special holiday touches to their home’s entryway when the holidays draw near. Here are some suggestions for how you can add a touch of color or seasonal spice to your historic entryway.

Start Simple 

Some of the best ways to decorate for the holidays do not involve large investments in time or money. And, if your space is limited to a single doorway, you may not have room for extensive holiday displays without blocking the entrance and creating a safety hazard. Start simple with these ideas. 

Welcome Mat

A colorful holiday welcome mat is always an excellent choice to add a friendly and festive flair to your entryway. They can be purchased affordably in various themes to reflect personal tastes or beliefs, and they provide a handy means to wipe wet shoes during fall and winter seasons

Seasonal Plants 

A simple planter sitting beside the doorway with colorful and season-appropriate plants adds a touch of class and festivity to any entryway. You can also hang a small planter beside the door (or on each side) for a good effect. Be sure to follow the tips below for hanging items on brick surfaces. 

Paint Your Door 

Another simple way to add seasonal appeal is to paint your front door an appropriate color. Festive reds, greens, or blues catch the eye and communicate warmth and happiness. Choose a color that contrasts with other entryway décor. 

Add Lighting 

Take your seasonal décor for historic entryways to the next level by adding temporary lighting. A string of white or colored lights around your doorframe adds a festive flair, as well as a welcoming glow for arriving guests. Be sure to fasten lighting securely and only use lights intended for outdoor use. You may also want to add lights to stair railings for an additional touch. 

Hanging Décor 

Hanging garlands, wreaths, faux candles, or holiday flags are all time-honored ways to celebrate both religious and secular seasonal holidays. Evergreen wreaths on the door or green garlands around the doorframe with soft lighting are always good choices. Some light sets resemble small candles or icicles and are a distinct change from traditional bulbs. 

Temporary mounting components are available for hanging all manner of outdoor holiday décor around your entryway. Be sure to purchase brand-name products that are easy to remove after the holidays. 

When hanging décor on brick, avoid using temporary stick-on items that could mar or damage the surface. Heavier items, such as flags or large wreaths, should be mounted to brick with masonry anchors and screws. Always install these as close to the center of individual bricks as possible to avoid cracking the brick. 

Upgrade and Redesign Your Entryway

Well-designed and maintained brick walkways and steps on historic homes have their unique appeal. When these areas are aged and crumbling, they present more than an eyesore – they can be a safety hazard for your family and guests. If your historic entryway needs repair, now may be a great time to consider a redesign that would allow more extensive seasonal décor throughout the year. 

Renaissance Development handles all manner of masonry and hardscape design, construction, and repairs for historic brick homes. If your entryway or other area needs repairs or upgrades, call or message us online for ideas and cost estimates. 

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