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A fence or gate is one of the most important investments you can make for your property’s safety and privacy. Wood and iron work both mingle well aesthetically with the traditional façades of historic brick homes. These materials are available in a broad range of styles, maintaining the architectural integrity of your home, while adding curb appeal.

How Iron Work and Wooden Fencing Protect Your Home

Installing a fence around your historic property serves multiple functions. When properly installed by professionals, fences provide a long-lasting solution to privacy concerns, whether it’s meant to deter intruders, or simply to discourage nosey neighbors. In addition to being a barrier to keep things out, fences and gates also keep things in, which allows children and pets to safely play outdoors without having to worry about them wandering off.

Protecting Your Property with Iron Work Fencing or Gates

Iron work fencing and gates are strong and durable, resist harsh weather conditions, and are difficult to cut through, making it an ideal solution for historic brick homes. Depending on the style and height you choose, these fences are difficult to climb and act as a strong deterrent to would-be intruders. The navigational challenges also keep curious children or pets safe within the parameters of your property. Iron work fencing, with its imposing nature, makes a great visual deterrent as well.

Wooden Fencing for Protection and Privacy

The visual appeal and durability of wooden fences are two reasons they remain a popular option for property owners. Their natural appearance and design flexibility pair perfectly with almost any style of home, from historic brick to one with more modern aesthetics. That said, wooden fences offer plenty of security benefits as well. 

Wooden fences can offer semi-private to complete privacy and are a great visual deterrent. Potential intruders won’t be able to tell what’s happening behind the fence, making it more likely they will move on. The inability to see beyond the fence line also ensures children and pets aren’t tempted to explore. Wood fences can also be designed to be difficult to climb without sacrificing style.

In more densely populated areas, wood fences offer excellent seclusion from your neighbors, as well as sound reduction. Shutting out unwanted distractions will enable you to better enjoy your time outdoors on your patio or in your urban garden, and allow you to entertain your guests privately. However, solid wooden fencing will also block any surrounding views you might want to keep. Your professional consultant will work with you to help you achieve the best of both worlds, while keeping your home well-protected.

Highly Skilled Iron Work and Wooden Fencing in DC

Taking the time to keep your home safe and add privacy is an excellent investment that adds to your home’s value. Renaissance Development, experts in traditional tuckpointing methods for historic brick in the DC area, offers the perfect solutions for highly skilled iron work and wooden fencing, so you can protect your home in style. Contact us to arrange a free consultation, and ask about our special January Promotion.

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Post by Christina Wilson
Jan 4, 2024 8:45:00 AM