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When your historic DC brick home shows signs of deterioration, it’s time to seek the expertise of masonry contractors. Your interest in preserving your home for future generations demands that any masonry repair done is of the highest quality. The integrity of your historic home requires that you find the right masonry contractors in DC. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Narrow the Field of Potential Contractors

While the need for brick restoration and repair is often visually evident, masonry contractors in DC should be consulted to determine the cause and extent of damage and the right way to remedy it.

  • Ask friends and neighbors to recommend contractors they have used for work on their historic brick homes. Ask about the timeliness, cost, and quality of the work done.
  • Visit the websites of local masonry contractors to verify specializations and credentials. You want your contractor to have both expertise and experience in historic DC brick masonry repair. Your historic brick building’s mortar joints must be restored using traditional methods and materials of tuckpointing in order to preserve the original appearance and structural integrity.
  • Check online customer reviews for selected contractors. Look for projects that are similar to yours. You will usually get a good idea of their reputations from recent customer reviews. Specific things to consider: Was the work completed on time? Did you get regular updates? Was the crew professional? Were problems corrected?

Contact, Interview, Select – What to Look For

Once you have narrowed the list of potential historical brick and masonry contractors, contact each directly. Describe the problem, or if possible specify the type of work that needs to be done. Most contractors will provide an onsite evaluation of the damage, the extent of the restoration, and cost estimates, free of charge. Here are some other questions you can ask:

  • How long will it take and when can you start?
  • Will there be dust inside my house and is it hazardous? If so, how will you protect my family?
  • How many crew members and what is the work schedule? If needed, will they work overtime?
  • Does the crew complete a daily cleanup of the site?
  • Can I look at examples of your work?

When you hire the right masonry contractor for your historic DC brick home, the restoration will increase your property’s value and ensure that it will last for decades and generations to come.

"I went home the day the scaffolding came down. Of course it looked wonderful. I also knew I'd have to work on the lawn as all the water mixed with mortar dust and feet had made some of the areas muddy. What I found was grass seeds applied and fresh mulch. Wow. Totally unexpected but very much appreciated." Angie's List Member 2013

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Renaissance Development, a leader in brick restoration and historic preservation, specializes in the restoration of a historic brick building’s mortar joints using traditional methods (tuckpointing) and materials. Contact us for a free site visit and project quote.


Post by Christina Wilson
Feb 28, 2017 8:30:00 AM