Consider Historic Preservation When Renovating Old Homes

2/28/17 12:30 PM Christina Wilson

Historic homes have a magical look and feel that is unrivaled. The artistry and craftsmanship of a historic home are hard for modern homes to match. Many feature old brick facades, with streetscapes defined by brick walkways and retaining walls. When planning the renovation, those interested in maintaining the historic charm will proceed carefully.


1. Do No Harm, Proceed with Caution

The first step in the process of historic home renovation is arguably the most important: do no harm! Any change or renovation you are considering should not damage, remove or distract from the natural beauty, warmth and artistry of your home. Your historic home renovation should only add to the house’s overall historic appeal and value.

2. Carefully Evaluate Your Home’s Current Condition

Assess your home’s condition before beginning any renovation. In many ways, old houses are like old people. Even a seemingly small change to the system can lead to significant consequences. You need to bring in an expert consultant to evaluate your home’s condition. The checklist is a long one, including such issues as the foundation, structural soundness, toxic materials such as lead and asbestos, the quality of existing plumbing and electrical systems, water damage and more.

3. Hire a Professional, Proven and Seasoned Historic Home Renovation Expert

When renovating a historic home, you should hire proven and experienced historic home renovation experts and specialists. You will want to hire the very best people to consult and work on your historic home renovation. For example, historic DC brick homes require the expertise of masonry contractors in Washington DC who use traditional materials and methods to repair the brick and mortar properly. If the masonry joints are not tuckpointed properly, they will eventually show signs of structural damage and interior water penetration.

Remember, once essential architectural features are lost, it may be extremely difficult or even completely impossible to bring them back. Proceed slowly and with caution. Restoring a historic home is no time to rush!

Historic homes are treasures. If neglected, they need a lot of work. Your restoration may take some time and money. But you can rest assured that your expense is a worthwhile investment.

Download A Brief History Of Your Historic Home's Brickwork



Renaissance Development, a leader in brick restoration and historic preservation, specializes in the restoration of a historic brick building’s mortar joints using traditional methods (tuckpointing) and materials. We love old homes and are committed to preserving their historic charm and value. Contact us for a free site visit and project quote.

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