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When building a retaining wall, you have two choices. You can either do the project yourself or hire a professional. Trying to build a retaining wall yourself can be time-consuming, costly, and exhausting. By hiring a retaining wall contractor, you can get better results and may save money in the process.

Here are three reasons you should hire a contractor for your retaining wall project.

Knowledge and Experience

Many factors go into building a retaining wall properly. It can be tough to get it right if you don’t know what you’re doing. Licensed landscaping and masonry contractors will have both the experience and the knowledge to build the retaining wall you want. Professional retaining wall contractors are also aware of the local regulations and permits required. They will handle all the paperwork and make sure all the ordinances are met. They understand how to deal with soil and drainage and know what equipment and materials to use.

Do you know how to test the soil or build a drainage system? Have you ever used heavy construction machinery before? How about surveying the land for height and natural depressions that could channel water to your project? Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced contractor saves you from having to figure all of this out yourself. It also protects you from costly errors.

Less Stress

Building a retaining wall is a significant undertaking. Doing it yourself can be physically exhausting and stressful. You may need to rent heavy equipment you’ve never operated before. Learning how to run a backhoe for the first time may not be as fun as you think. It probably won’t be enjoyable for your neighbors, either. Plus, it takes quite a bit of physical strength to lift heavy concrete or brick blocks and dig trenches consistently.

Depending on the size of your retaining wall, it can take up to six months to complete the project on your own. What happens when you invest all that time to discover that you made some mistakes and have to start over again? Hiring a retaining wall contractor can save your sanity and time. It can also preserve your health and allow you time to invest in other projects about which you have some knowledge.

Cheaper Cost

You may think that building a retaining wall yourself will save you money. That may not necessarily be true. A contractor can get better discounts through the long-standing relationships they’ve built with vendors. If the contractor damages your property during construction, they’re responsible for fixing it. If you damage your property while building a retaining wall, the cost is yours.

Building a retaining wall can be a complicated task requiring plenty of time and effort. If you’ve never built a retaining wall before, hiring a licensed professional contractor is critical. You’ll be able to save time, money, and a few headaches.

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Post by Christina Wilson
Jun 26, 2020 8:30:00 AM